Cake Donuts Anytime we are anywhere east of Toronto we head out to Tyrone Mills for cake donuts. Tyrone Mills is an old Mill in the town of Tyrone, Ontario.  A little less than an hour east of Toronto on Highway 401 and about 10 minutes north.  We spent a lot of time in those rolling hills when we were much younger. They have a variety of treats, tarts, jams, jellies and syrups.  And a
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Galleries of grandkids and others.  Click on a photo in a gallery to get a slide show. Babies early on… Babies a little later… More babies… Various Grandparents with babies… Yvonne and Vienna Karina and Vienna Martin & River Yvonne, River, Spencer, Nicole, Roger Martin, River, Karina, Vienna River and Yvonne Mostly Family Thanksgiving stuff… Dad, Mom and kids Spencer and Mark (Mark:Godfather) Marty and his boys Gareth and River Grandma Karina, Uncle Gareth and
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Click on image Click on an image for slide show: Muskoka Life - Cottage Life Spent a few days at the cottage last week.  Lots of rainy weather but also lots of sunshine in-between.  Two rivers coming off the small lake we are on.  Well, three if you count the one attached to Kahshe Lake.  There were and are lots of trees down crossing the one.  I cleared a path through earlier this summer.  Only
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Kayaking, trailers and care of my back We had racks on the on the SUV for the kayaks but it was killing my back.  And you can’t drive around with them on the car all the time.  So, we bought a small trailer.  Some two by fours and some wood screws, I rigged a couple of cross bars.  Placed our kayak racks there and loaded the kayaks. Now they can stay on the trailer.  Takes
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Between my new iPhone 13Pro and the beauty of Niagara Falls… The people are back.  Masses of them.  And it’s great.  We get to see the smiles again.  I bike to the Falls.  Great exercise and great people watching.  I also got to experiment with the zoom function of my newish iPhone.  I bought the phone largely for the camera’s capabilities.  I’d never used the Pano function before on other phones - what a blast! 
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