Click on image Click on an image for slide show: Muskoka Life - Cottage Life Spent a few days at the cottage last week.  Lots of rainy weather but also lots of sunshine in-between.  Two rivers coming off the small lake we are on.  Well, three if you count the one attached to Kahshe Lake.  There were and are lots of trees down crossing the one.  I cleared a path through earlier this summer.  Only
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Kayaking, trailers and care of my back We had racks on the on the SUV for the kayaks but it was killing my back.  And you can’t drive around with them on the car all the time.  So, we bought a small trailer.  Some two by fours and some wood screws, I rigged a couple of cross bars.  Placed our kayak racks there and loaded the kayaks. Now they can stay on the trailer.  Takes
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Between my new iPhone 13Pro and the beauty of Niagara Falls… The people are back.  Masses of them.  And it’s great.  We get to see the smiles again.  I bike to the Falls.  Great exercise and great people watching.  I also got to experiment with the zoom function of my newish iPhone.  I bought the phone largely for the camera’s capabilities.  I’d never used the Pano function before on other phones - what a blast! 
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Canada Road Trip Video This is a 3:50 minute video of our road trip across Canada.  Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.  Traveling through Ontario is approximately double the distance for crossing the prairies.   Ontario: quite beautiful but huge.  In case anyone is curious, the song is Derek Trucks Band: 'Sailing On' I've sped it up and added the music. Enjoy.
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Perfect Weather for a Mountain Hike When we lived in Calgary one of our favourite short hikes was Grotto Canyon near Exshaw.  A short hike; about seven kilometres to the hoodoo and back.  But quite spectacular nonetheless.  And it is less that an hour from Calgary, depending where in the city you are coming from! Not difficult at all.  That said, the walk in is rocky so wear sturdy shoes or boots.  We went in
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Hi Martin

Watched your cinematic short video 5 times; how beautifully crisp the picture is. Very peaceful feeling.

Thanks for sharing your and Yvonne’s adventures. Loved the slide show on this one.

Hi Yvonne. Love, hugs and kisses to you both

Thanks Cheryl! Lots of love back.

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