Portraits with Hannah

These photos were taken New Years Day 1999.
Billy, another photographer and I had been shooting and processing our photos in a darkroom for some time and we were both at a party the night before.
Hannah was attending the event as well.
We approached her, asking if she would allow us to shoot her the next day at our studio.
We thought she had marvellous bone structure and would make for some great photos.

She showed up on time the next day on time and everything.
I told her what I needed as preparation, some simple makeup.
She told me that she’d never used make up!
Although she did have lot of bits and pieces of things that her friends kept giving her.
I’d had been studying some Kevin Aucoin books about the subject and although I’d never attempted it myself decided
I would try some of the techniques out that I’d learned.  

Hannah had enough of these stashed away in her small purse allowing me to go to work.
It was fairly minimal, some eye makeup and blush, but it worked well for what we were shooting. 

The portrait with the hands against the face is another tribute to the Hollywood photographers of the 1940s such as George Hurrell.

Old Negatives

The negatives have been in storage since that time and I scanned them in a couple of weeks ago.   Pretty messed up.
A lot of work in Lightroom fixing up the photos that you see here. 

Lighting and Film

I don’t remember but likely two lights and possibly a reflector.
I think Billy and I shot a roll of film each.
I would have shot these on an old Nikon FE camera with a marvellous Nikkor 105 mm lens.
Great lens for portraits.
Pretty sure the film was Ilford 400 ISO.

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