Street Photography, Love and Kindness in Niagara Falls

Love, Love, Love

Our niece is visiting for a few days.  With her 13 and 14 year old kids.  They are doing all the touristy stuff.

We took them down to Table Rock - that’s the spot where the Falls actually fall.  Lots and lots of people.  They were doing the ‘Under the Falls’ thing (Journey Behind the Falls).  We sat on the rocks by the garden there and watched people for an hour or two.

I had a long lens on my camera and started taking photos.  I had taken one shot of a couple kissing and hugging early on.  As a result, as I was shooting I noticed the love and kindness, the caring pretty much everyone there had for each other.

Almost all of these photos are taken from one spot.

It really hit me, though, when I was editing the photos, just how much love there is out there.  I posted these photos on Facebook and Instagram and the response was/is wonderful.

I’m hoping that at some point at least one or two of the folks photographed get to see these images. So, if you come across these and recognize anyone, please let them know.

And I hope these photos help you see the world as loving and kind as I do.

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