Elbow Falls, Burgers, Beer and Cigars

Hanging out at Elbow Falls

Great day hanging out with Yvonne’s son Spencer.  He took us out for a drive to Elbow Falls, one of our favourite spots in the area. 

Water was pretty low.  Melt from the mountains hasn’t really gotten going yet.  The whole area of the river is still stones and gravel from the 2013 flooding.  Might take decades or longer for vegetation to build up to the river’s edge again.  Plenty of trails from here.  Not that we did any serious hiking.  If you want to go up the highway further you have to wait a few days.  On the 15th they open the gate and you can get through to Forgetmenot Pond - that whole strip is absolutely gorgeous.  There were some cyclists going up and down - it’s brutal going up, we’ve walked it. 

Then back to his place for burgers and beer.  And cigars.


Gorgeous spot

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