Prague, Czech Republic, Trip 2016

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Just spent the last four days in Prague, Czech Republic.  Most of the time in the old part of the city, wandering around taking pictures, drinking Czech beer and eating wonderful Czech food.  

 We stayed at an AirBnB run by Vincent and his wonderful assistant Viola.  Immediately after booking I received an email from Vincent that was marvellously informative.  What bus to catch, where, where to get off, how many steps to take - all very precise.  
 You can find Vincent’s profile on AirBnB here:
Yvonne and I were there for four nights - got to explore for 3 1/2 days.  First afternoon Vincent suggested a rooftop restaurant sort  of next door. I thought this was a great idea as it would give us a bit of view of the area so we could get our bearings a bit.  Place was called the T-Anker Sun Terrace.  Was a bit cool up there but once the sun came out - made it tolerable as the view up there was fantastic especially for a first trip to Prague.  Food was excellent and filling.  
This from the rooftop:

 (Note:If you are taking the bus back to the airport, read my directions toward the end of this post.)
 We spent the majority of the time we were there walking about tasting the food and the beer.  Sitting outside when it was warm enough and inside when it wasn’t.  Once we were walking south of Namesti Republiki and it came time for our afternoon beer (and coffee for Yvonne) so we picked a random bar where she got to smoke.  Laws are a little different there.  Met a friendly bunch of people from St Louis, MO.  A lot of places like that have one or two types of beer available - often it is Pilsner Urquell - which, honest to god tastes remarkably better that the same stuff back home.  Maybe it has something to do with ambience.  
Generally, if you want a bit cheaper fare stay off the main drag and away from the Old Town Square.  First morning we ate a nice breakfast near our room but was pretty expensive.  Main floor of the big department store sort of next door.  So, the next couple of mornings we went to the James Dean restaurant for a big american breakfast.  Largely because of the coffee.  Most places, coffee was a small amount and expensive. At James Dean, refills were part of the deal. Actually, if you order the ‘Big American Breakfast’, you get fresh squeezed orange juice and lots of coffee included in the meal.  

 Lunch for us was usually coffee and a somewhat filling pastry.  Now, as I mentioned coffees were kinda small, so we started ordering an Americano(First couple of days I ordered a double espresso - expensive!).  The Americano is a decently full cup of coffee.  
The last evening in Prague I looked for a restaurant close that had traditional Czech food.  We found this place.  It was busy and looked like most people inside were Czech so we thought it  would be worth a try.  Fantastic!  And here you can try the Czech beer Staropramen.  I love the sauerkraut here - it’s sweeter and delicious.  Comes with most meals.  Meal, beer, coffee all very reasonable price. 

I wanted some good photos at night with wet for reflections.  I went out to the square and Charles bridge one night when it was rainy and wet.  There were still crowds so I had to wait twenty minutes sometimes for a break in the flow to get the photo that I wanted.  Here is one - there are more of these on the main part of this blog: 
 Now for the bus back to the Airport: Airport Express
You have to go to the bus stop with is near the train station. If you see the letter ‘M’ in blue near the bottom right of the image below….that is the bus station.  Right next to the big green park.  From Benediktska street(Vincent’s place - neat the top of this map - street name not marked on this map) takes about 20-25 minutes maximum to walk there.  So, pay attention here: when you get to the park in front of the bus station and you are facing the station go to the right side.  Go up the stairs so you are still ‘underneath’ and walk along.  If you come up on the same side of Wilsonova street as the park and bus station you will be on the wrong side.  You need to go back down and cross underneath to the other side where the train station is.  You will see a sign for AE(Airport Express) when you come up the stairs.  Wait there.  If you are on the park side of Wislonova you will also see an AE sign but the bus only lets people off there.  

We  didn’t go to many or the tourist attractions that are around the city.  Next time, and there will be one, -I love the city - we will see more of the places that teach the history of the city.  

Enjoy your trip!

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