Starbucks Coffee at Spruce Meadows, Calgary – Worst ever!!

Working at one of the booths in the Market place selling Thentix last week at Spruce Meadows.  I wanted a capuccino and someone told me there was a Starbucks on the grounds.  I went and waited in line, got my coffee, went back to my booth and took a sip.  What a disappointment.  Tasted like watery coffee, not even strong coffee much less expresso.  I had my co-worker try it just to make sure I wasn’t be too harsh.  Nope!  I went back and told them – the girl told me it was because it was a single.  I didn’t have much hope for the replacement cup at that point.  Anyway, she made another and it wasn’t really any better.  I spoke to another vendor that I work near and she said it is pretty much the same every year.  If you want a Starbucks while you are at Spruce Meadows, get it one the way.

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