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Snowshoeing Niagara Botanical Gardens

Great bunch of snow from early this morning…wanted to get in a good hike/snowshoe while it was snowing and before the masses descended.  I figured most would wait until the snow at least stopped.  We went to Botanical Gardens because didn’t have to traverse any nasty roads – they are kinda scary today.  And we have an annual parking membership there.  Mostly overcast but the sun did try and sneak through early in the hike.  
Temperature was about perfect at about -3-4˚C.  This is great for winter hiking.  We have boots that are good for -20˚ to -40˚C and we wear a couple of layers on our legs. I wear long johns and Yvonne wears some snow pants.  As long as our feet aren’t cold we are good to go.

We were at the north end of the park and I saw movement but couldn’t nail it then a couple minutes later we saw a herd of about 30 white tail deer cross a small clearing in front of us.  They went in to the woods at the right and stood real still – I’m sure they thought that we couldn’t see them.  

Our obligatory hiking selfie:

martin glyn jones yvonne matheson
Some cones on the snow trees:
marty's road trip
martys road trip
Winter at the Botanical Gardens:
marty's road trip
martin glyn jones

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