‘Outside Mullingar’ at the Rosebud Theatre – Rosebud, Alberta

We went to see a play in Rosebud, Alberta yesterday.  Rosebud is about an hour and twenty minute drive from Calgary.  On the edge of the Alberta Badlands and about 15 kilometres from Drumheller.  With a population of fewer that 100 it draws 40,000 people annually to its theatre and arts programs.  Very quaint little town nestled in a small valley by the Rosebud River.
We saw ‘Outside Mullingar’ a play written by John Patrick Shanley(he did the screenplay for “Moonstruck”).  ‘Outside Mullingar’ ran on Broadway in 2014.  An absolutely marvellous play.  The four actors completely owned the characters.  Total professionals.  The whole production was seamless.  The package comes with a lunch – buffet style – but it is great, I had two pieces of blueberry pie, of course.  
Yvonne and I went with our friends Jeff and Courtney.  (Courtney teaches singing  at one of the venues in Rosebud, periodically.)  

The production runs until June 11th.  If you are anywhere near Calgary please, please take the time to go see it.  

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