Kayaking 15 Mile

There are so many rivers in the Niagara Region. Not as many as I'd like are accessible.  There are a couple a little further afield for me, like the Grand River and Big Creek which runs into Lake Erie at Long Point.  There a few nice places to drop in a kayak there but it's a two hour drive.  I like that river as it is small enough, you get the trees overhanging and plenty of bends and twists to keep me happy.  

The Welland River has a few spots to drop in and there is Lyons Creek off that near Chippawa.

But I'm always looking for something new to explore.  Do lots of hiking and driving around see some, what look like good rivers to kayak but nowhere to get in.  Not sure which website showed 15 Mile Pond, it may have been, https://www.peninsulapaddlers.com.  Hook up with them and you can go out with some groups.  

So, back to 15 Mile.  There is a small dock at the bridge crossing the river on Glass Avenue, just west of Gregory Road. If you are coming off the QEW take the immediate right to service road then south on Gregory.  A little ways down it forks.  The right fork is Glass.  Down the hill there is a small parking lot.  Built into the dock there, is the perfect way to get into the river with your kayak or canoe.  Some genius built this thing.  

From the dock you can go up river (south) or north toward Lake Ontario.  We didn't go north but apparently one gets as far as the QEW.  About 2.5 KM.  Most were going north so we went up river.  My Paddle App wasn't working, so not sure how far but I'm guess we got about 2km. It was pouring rain and as it was our first outing on the kayaks, we thought we'd had enough.  Couple of bridges.  The one for the railway is an amazing structure. Cut stones making an arch.  Should last another thousand years.

Someone has seen fit to go up there with a chain saw to keep as clear path. So whomsoever is doing that, I thank you.  

A few photos here.  One of us waiting under a bridge for the rain to stop.  Didn't help much.  

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