Hiking up to Saddle and Fairview Mountain at Lake Louise

Headed up to Lake Louise for a hike yesterday.  Normally, if we go up there it is in September when it is not so busy.  It was pretty packed but we arrived around 2:30 so people were beginning to leave so there were a few spots available in the parking lot and we didn’t have to walk a mile to the trailhead.  Suspecting that the trail to the Teahouse may be busy we decided to go up the one on the other side of Lake Louise (to the left when you are facing the lake).  I think it said it was about 4km or so to the top from where you had a choice: up to the top of Fairview or Saddle or the third choice being a longer trail to Moraine Lake. The signs to that trail(photo below) require a minimum group of four due to the presence of bears.  We did meet one couple that had hiked from Moraine Lake – they looked pretty beat.  Mom, dad and a young child.  Still alive though – not chased by bears.  

The trail up take an hour or two depending on whether you are walking or running.  One young fellow ran up and as we found out later took 54  minutes to get from the bottom at the lake to the top of Fairview Mountain.  Took us quite a bit longer.  The path is a pretty steady climb – not too gruelling.   And great views.  

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