Golden Ears Farm, Chase BC

I was coming back from Vancouver a couple of weeks ago and decided to stop in to see the son of a good friend.  He lives and works on an organic farm in Chase, BC.  I only had an hour or so but was able to get a short tour of the place.  He has been there for about a year and was impressed at how much I learned from him in that short time.  He does a lot of research and is able to communicate the information and make it easily understandable to someone uneducated in the subject(me).  I got to eat sweet corn right off the stalk and the most wonderful fresh organic fruit.  The bread they make is to die for. 

The website for the farm is:

If you are anywhere near Chase, then I urge you to check out the store.  It is at the west end of town on the highway – north side.  They are only open in season.  If you are going west you will pass a PetroCan station on your right – the store is a little past that on your left.

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