DogPound Rodeo 18 July 2012, Alberta

Someone told me about this rodeo last week at the Stampede.  I had a couple of days off this week after working 10 hard days at the Calgary Stampede.  I did some searches but could not find any decent directions.  I guess most assumed that if you wanted to go there you already knew where it was.  Well, for those in future who don’t here you go:  If you are coming from the south it is about 3 miles past Township Road 284(also marked as route 574).  Make a left at Township Road 290A.  There is a big sign just before the turn.  You will be on a gravel road which curves a bit for about a kilometer and you will see signs for the entrance on your right.  This year the parking/entry was $15 pp for two days or $10 for one day.  It was worth it in a lot of different ways.

I was pretty happy with the pictures – I took several hundred and am posting only a few here.  Hope you enjoy.  If you see yourself in any of them contact me.  Enjoy.

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