Calgary Stampede 2011

We just finished working at the Stampede in Calgary.  I’ve worked this show selling products in the BMO Center for several years now.  It is a great show.  The staff are wonderful given the impossible task of trying to please all the various vendors and the public.  One of the things that is so impressive at this fair compared to many I have attended in the US and Canada is – it is the cleanest fair that I have seen.  Inside and out.  Most fairs and shows have the cleaning crew come in after hours but the Calgary Stampede has, I don’t know how many people, constantly sweeping throughout the show so that the floors inside and walkways outside are always clean. 

I did have one small beef – over the years the BMO Center has always been well air conditioned but this year I’m not sure if there were problems mechanically or financially but there were a couple of days only that it was cool enough inside for the public and vendors to be comfortable.  Most of the time, even when it was not crowded it was extremely warm.  We tried in vain to find out what the problem was but none of the staff we spoke to seemed to know who was responsible for this.  Hopefully, next year for the 100th anniversary this will be fixed. 

If you can make it to this show during the week you will always have shorter lines and better service.  Weekends are very crowded.

See you next year!

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