Ball’s Falls Fall Colours

This is the perfect place to go whether you want a short or long walk or hike.  Parts of it are on the Bruce Trail.  And there is a short walk up the river to the Upper Falls that, in this time of year is quite spectacular with the Fall colours.  The reds are a bit late in coming this year, so I had to tweak the photos a bit.  I hope you don’t mind.  The parking is $8 a person.  We have been there at times past 4:30 when the office closes and ended up not having to pay.  Not sure if this is usual or not.  Seniors are $6 - that helps a bit.  Although, I don’t mind paying really as it goes to support these beautiful places.

There are a bunch of old buildings there - old mill, house, blacksmith barn, etc but none have been open any time we have been gone through the park.  We went on a 10 km hike a couple of weeks ago from this location -  north along the Bruce Trail but decided we just wanted a day of puttering around and enjoying the scenery and taking photos.  It was the perfect day for this.  

If you are ever in the Niagara region and want to check some of these places out, please contact us and we’ll try and go with you.

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