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Nickel Beach – Port Colborne – March 2022

Nickel Beach – Port Colborne – March 2022

Winter walk then dinner at Canalside

Thursday walk along Nickel Beach.  Was almost springlike.  Lots of sun and a few friendly people walking their puppies. I managed to keep myself off the ice - it was a little precarious.  Things being as they are now, we went to Canalside Restaurant for fish and chips afterwards.  We've missed that.  Normally, live music happens on the weekends.  We had originally wanted to go for that.  As it turned out, lately, a fellow named Mark, who we like a lot, is playing from 6PM to 8PM on Thursdays!  A perfect day.  

Here are a few photos I did of Mark last summer when he was playing to the outside and inside crowd.  

Mark Clout Singer

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