Grandchildren and Horses

Grandchildren and Horses

Grandchildren and Mountain Horses

Was great being able to take the kids up to the mountain ranch to see and wander about with the horses, lamas and donkeys.  They had a blast and as always I had my camera with me. And my two favourite subjects: people and horses.  Then I’m a kid in a candy store.  You can see here how gentle the horses are with these two. 

This bunch were so friendly and careful with the kids - was so great.  Yvonne and the grandchildren went off to the barns to see the goats and pig when I wasn’t looking (rather involved in taking horse selfies) but I got to shoot them coming back up the hill. 

Such a beautiful space. I’ll be posting the ‘horse selfies’ on my Instagram: @faffyrd


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Kids and Grandkids – Saturday in Armstrong, BC

Kids and Grandkids – Saturday in Armstrong, BC

Saturday Family Night - Armstrong BC

Yvonne’s son, Paul, his wife Kelsey and their children drove down for the afternoon evening.  With their cousins here, it made for a great evening.  Wonderful children - lots of hugs. Pia got her hair cut by Yvonne.  I don’t know who enjoyed the process more.  Great chats I had with Kelsey.  I’d forgotten how my I liked these folks.  Was a real treat seeing them. 

What sweet kids. 

Most of these particular photos are with my iPhone.  Amazing camera in this beast.  I bought it largely for the camera and I’m not disappointed.  The photo of Paul intently listening to someone was not a close up.  It was part of another photo but the detail and balanced light is wonderful.  I haven’t even really explored what this thing can do. 

Yvonne was so happy hanging with her grandkids.

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