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Horse Ranch Near Pritchard, British Columbia

Horse Ranch Near Pritchard, British Columbia

Horses in the mountains

Yesterday Yvonne and I drove up to Chase, BC to visit her son and family.  We then took her two grandkids up to a friends ranch.  In the mountains above Pritchard.   Great photo op. 

I got some amazing photos of the grandchildren, a bunch of horse selfies and some horse photos (just horses) which you can see here.  Been up here twice before over the last 8 years or so.  First time was New Year’s Eve 2013/14.  Very wintery.  Got some great Christmas cards from that shoot.  Horses in the snow. 

These horses are so friendly.  Grandson is three years old wandering around with the horses and no worries.  So nice that the kids can feel comfortable around these big animals.  Lots of horse kisses.

The two donkeys were off in another field when we arrived.  When we were walking amongst the horses they didn’t want to be left out so came to visit.  Curious animals.  They wouldn’t get as close as the horses but did hang around for photos.

I’ll do separate posts: horses first, then kids and kids with horses.

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Ranch Near Chase BC

Ranch Near Chase BC

Went up to photograph the horses near Chase, BC.  Walked about them in the field - they were all pretty friendly and interested.  The donkeys too.

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