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Zombie Mud Run – Campark Resort – Niagara Falls 2018

Campark Resorts - Zombie Mud Run - 2018

Try and outrun the zombies but ‘alive’ or ‘dead’ you finish.  

Mud, water and zombies and lots of obstacles.  My first time photographing and enjoying this event.  Watching, it looked like all were having a really great time.  The whole even is wonderfully entertaining.  

Zombies are spread about the run periodically to try and take your lives - each ribbon is a ‘life’.  And there were a few spots where you could bargain for some extra lives.  Also, I there was some anti zombie dust(pixie dust?) available to some that could be used to ward off the zombies at just the right moment.  

This is now a once a year event.  Pretty obvious to the passing locals with a hundred cars parked along Lundy’s Lane outside the park.  With almost 400 participants and numerous staff and volunteers it looks like fun was had by all.

Here are a few photos of some participants, some zombies and a few of the obstacles.  Wonderful expressions on the faces!

Click the first photo to get to the slide show:

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