Wine Ink, Calgary

I found another great wine shop.  Hmmm, lots of wonderful places to taste and purchase wine in Calgary. 

A few weeks ago I was in Brandon, Manitoba.  I was working at the Royal Winter Fair.  Across from me was a gentleman promoting Canadian Cheese.  We managed to find the time to talk wine and cheese during our breaks and he told me that his son had a wine store on 17th Ave in Calgary. 

We finally made it in the other day.  As we approached the counter, Tim, the proprietor was pouring a couple of glasses of white.  I did like the fact that he did not ask us but just poured. I really don’t know if he does this for everyone or just took a good read on me.  Either way my thinking was that ‘of course’ if someone walks into a wine shop, odds are they would like to taste some of the wares.  I did end up purchasing what we tasted; though I limited my total purchase leaving an excuse to go back and try more next week. 

One can check out the website here: Wine Ink but really, go have a look at this beautiful old brick building that houses his beautiful selection of wine.  And have a sip.

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