Troll Falls Video, Kananaskis, Alberta

This from a couple of weeks ago.  Didn’t upload last time properly.  There are several falls up behind the first set.  Come back along the stream a bit and find a spot to cross on the logs.  The path up the hill is just back on the right facing the falls.  You can go up on the side you came in on and try and cross at the top but if there is a lot of water(Spring) this will be pretty hard.  Once you are up to the top of the first set of falls just keep following the path on and up.  There are about 10 sets of falls in total. Quite beautiful. Especially, in the Spring when there is lots of water.

To get to the trailhead parking.  Go south on Highway 40 from Highway #1 to the turn off for Kananaskis Village.  Mt Allan Drive.  Cross the bridge and follow the road less that a kilometre you will see Centennial Drive on the left.  JUST past that on your right is an exit to a parking lot.  Go there. Park your car. Just past the parking lot on the left you will see a sign for the trail.  It forks a couple of times – just follow the one for Troll Falls.  Very easy walk. Once you get to the falls you then have to cross the river and climb some steeper stuff.  If you want.

It is beautiful there pretty much every season.  Enjoy

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