Trip to Amsterdam

Our first real day in Amsterdam.  We arrived yesterday but we so tired – time difference and all, we didn’t do much.  Walked about four hours or so near where we are staying with Yvonne’s cousin on the southeast edge of Amsterdam. Got seriously rained on the first half hour or so then it cleared up nicely – lots of sun. Every sort of person rides bicycles here.  Have yet to see a bike helmut though.  Pretty rare.  About half way we stopped in a small restaurant called Anna Haen.  The girls had coffee, I had espresso.  They had this apple pie to die for.  The waiter asked if I would like fresh cream with it – that was a really tough decision.  Oh man it was so delicious. Fresh cream amazing.  Right at the edge of the city of Amsterdam so being on the border with Utrecht, the city cannot expand that way any more making it all farmland.  AND canals.  Lots and lots of canals.

These signs below are the distance and direction to various natural water – Evian being the most familiar to most.  ‘Krnwtr’ is tapster = 0 KM – cute!

Inside Anna Haen Restaurant.  I asked the cook if I could take a proper portrait and she declined so this is all you get:

The outside of the restaurant:

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Excellent pictures, Martin…you've captured the area beautifully..

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