Support your local health food store!

Do you like to be able to have the freedom to purchase the healthy products that you want?  Would you rather that Health Canada decide what you are allowed to use or not use? 

Would you rather that Health Canada decide what, if any, naturorpathic doctor you can go to? 

If fully enforced recent laws will prevent us from being able to purchase about 75% of the natural vitamins and other supplements that we now have available.  These products would have to be fully tested and approved by the part of the government that allows pharmaceuticals on the market that have side effects of death. 

Community Natural Foods at Chinook, Calgary

In Calgary you have Community Natural Foods and other good health food stores. 

It is also the home of the makers of Empowerplus! a natural solution to things like Bi-Polar(manic depression) and other similar problems.



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