Stuffed Chicken wrapped with prosciutto


Two boneless, skinless chicken breasts
Red Pepper: about 4-6 half inch wide slices
Hot pepper rings
Asparagus tips - basically cut length to fit chicken
Fresh Spinach
Prosciutto 4-6 thinly sliced pieces per chicken breast
Healthy slice of cheese - one per [read more]chicken breast (I use cheddar)Spices is you feel the need.  Flavours are pretty strong so not likely.


Flatten chicken breasts
Add herbs or spices to taste
Lay out a couple of layers of spinach leaves covering the open chicken breasts
On one half of the breast lay out parallel, the cheese, asparagus (one or two pieces per chicken breast), about three thinly sliced pieces of red pepper, and some hot pepper rings.
Fold the other half of the chicken over the fillers.
So you now have two chicken breasts folded over the fillers
Wrap each with prosciutto several layers so that the three open parts are covered/closed in.
Get some oil and butter sizzling in a deep pan.
Sear both sides of each of the chicken pieces. —> (Important step)
Then turn down to simmer for 20 minutes to cook through.  Turn at least once.

Side dish for us:
A small handful of noodles - your choice
A couple of large handfuls of frozen edamame beans
White sauce from a jar
Salt, pepper, basil.

Boil water with a bit of oil and throw in noodles
At about half way point throw in the edamame.
When cooked drain.
Add some butter (magic ingredient) and  some dried basil to the noodles in the drain and swirl around a bit.

Use the now empty same pot to heat up white sauce.

At this point your chicken should be done.  Don’t overcook it. 
Remove chicken pieces from pan to a cutting board and slice across the length of the stuffing.  Roughly half inch slices.  Whatever works for you.

Place about 3 slices each in wide bowl.
Add to the plate a small amount of noodles and edemame
Drizzle with white sauce over all.

If you think you need a bit more, place some halved cherry tomatoes, sliced green onion, and feta in a bowl.  Mix in some olive oil, dried basil and black pepper.  Serve on the side.[/read]

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