Still Some Fall Colour in Kananaskis Country

These are from last Wednesday.  We drove up past Elbow Falls to Forget-me-not Pond.  The park there.  Go past the parking for the pond and park in the small just across from the bridge before the campgrounds.  Just one or two of the pics are from the walk/hike.  Generally pretty flat where we went.  Walked out to the trail called, I think, Little Elbow.  It said 38 KM round trip and was pretty boring; maybe OK if you are horseback. So, we saw this trail through the pines that looked like it headed back in the general direction of the river. It did, sort of.  Some horses had used this trail as well.  Came to a large clearing and managed to find the trail on the other side – still generally heading toward the river but kinda parallel, still away from where we wanted to be.  After a while doing this we decided to cut through the woods as we could hear the river and didn’t think it would be that far.  Took us a while but we kept following the sound.  Once we hit the river we were quite relieved and headed back to the bridge.

Was a beautiful day and we quite enjoyed it other than there were NO other people about.  I like to hike where there are at least a few people about as I assume(possibly incorrectly) that the bears will shy away from the noise.

Most of the pictures are from the road down from the pass to the Forget-Me-Not park.

One other thing of interest is that it was raining almost the whole drive from Calgary to the park.  When we got there it cleared right up.  And the clouds made for some great photos.

Here are some panoramic photos:

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