Kayaking the Tidal Waves

A few weeks ago we were in Vancouver - the wedding of a good friend. You can see a few of the photos I took from that:

Vanessa and Andrew 

While there we took a day and went to Skookumchuck Narrows to take part and watch kayaks ride the tidal wave.  Ferry ride to Sechelt.  Lunch.  An hour drive to Egmont and the Skookumchuck Narrows Trailhead.  An hour hike in.  About an hour watching the kayakers play.  Fortunately, I brought my Nikon and was able to get some decent photos. 

There was a moment as I was shooting @speezy_jones (Instagram account) and he somehow backed into the wave, pivoted on the bow of his kayak and stayed vertical for what seemed like an eternity, twisted and came down facing the other way.  A joy to watch and so glad I didn’t stop hammering the shutter. 

Vanessa borrowed a kayak and a wetsuit a rode the tidal wave for a bit.  No crazy antics though. 

Another hour hike back to the car.  An hour car ride back to Sechelt.  Dinner.  Twenty minutes to the ferry and back to the mainland.  Crossing on the ferry in the evening was amazing.  A photo below.

Long but amazing day. 

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