Rocky Mountain Horses

Fall Fun Taking Horse Photos

In the last two years, since moving to Ontario, I haven’t been taking as many equine photos. There are plenty of horses in the areas that I roam but life and routines changed. In Alberta, I had areas that I’d go knowing I would get some great shots of curious and friendly horses.

Yesterday we had scheduled to visit a friend that raises Rocky Mountain horses. She had to go out on an emergency but told us that it was quite fine to show up and shoot some horse photos. She knows that I’m comfortable with them, and they with me, so has no problem me going into the field and walk about. A few of the photos are below. The little one would hardly leave me alone. Loved having his hips massaged. Mama is a grey and you can start to see the colt losing some of his colour.

Lots of selfies which I’ll post separately on Instagram. @faffyrd or search my full name.

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