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Rawson Lake Hike (Kananaskis) Alberta

Trailhead for this hike is about a kilometre from the entrance to the Upper Kananaskis Lake trail.  South end of the lake.  Park in that last parking lot.  You will cross one bridge - then you will come to a fork - take the left one up the mountain.  There is a sign pointing the way.  From there to Rawson Lake it says 2.7 km.  Once you get to the lake is about another kilometre to the other side. Spectacular views from there.  About half the trail from Upper Kananaskis to Rawson is steady climb and the top half is almost flat.  At least a very easy slope.

If you are energetic, at the back end of the lake you can climb up the trail to the peak.  I went about half way but didn't have enough water with me and was trying to tackle a rock face climb with I was not set up for.  There is a trail to the right of that (about half way up) that is a better bet.  Several people told me that the hike up to the top was about an hour.   I was at that half way point in about 20-25 minutes so that sounds about right.  Was very hot and dusty when I went - middle of the day.  Would be better on a cooler day or earlier or later in the day.

Here are a few pics from the day:

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