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Northern Ontario Trip

Playing catch up on Marty’s Road Trip.  Moved to Niagara Falls from Calgary in September.  Loaded a trailer and drove across the country.  It was a bit of nightmare and I’m not going into the details of that.  It is an unbelievably beautiful country that we live in.  Normal gorgeous skies in the midwest.  I had driven through Northern Ontario in the winter once a number of years ago.  It was pretty but I was alone and a lot of it was dark.  I know, silly, right!?  This time it was September – not Fall yet and we were forced to travel slowly and with the longer days we were able to experience more of the beauty. 

We stopped for gas at one point and felt like we were back in the ‘50s.  Two young men of High School age filled the tank washed the windows, washed the headlights, asked if we wanted fluids checked all while smiling and being all chatty with us and each other.  We tipped them $5.00.  Made us so happy. These boys obviously didn’t do drugs and we enthusiastically looking forward to life.

The ‘Living Sky’ in the Canadian Prairies…
martin glyn jones in the prairies
Sunset in Northern Ontario
martin jones; yvonne matheson
I love humour…
…and if you are not sure where you are going…
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