Niagara On The Lake Walkabout

Niagara-On-The-Lake is one of our favourite walkabouts.  It is so pretty.  Buildings, flowers and people.  I like watching people and the downtown of Niagara on the Lake area particularly, is picturesque.  After loading our bikes up and driving to the bottom of the escarpment, we drove along the Niagara Parkway to the first parking lot accessing the bike path and parked.  We took off and after a few adjustments to Yvonne's brakes it was smooth sailing to this quaint little village. An easy ride of just a few miles.  The summer heat had not hit yet and it was quite pleasant.  You can see one of the photos below showing the blossoms on the Cherry Trees which bode well for a future of cherries and cherry pie. We do love pie.  After wandering around for a bit taking photos we stopped in and had some breakfast at the Sunset Grill.  Always a wonderful breakfast there. I’m of two minds on eating breakfast out.  I do love it but I could have it at home for pennies on the dollar and with my home made mango chutney and my favourite hot sauce.  Well, I guess eating out is not always about that; more the ambience and just the fact that you don’t have to cook. 

There is a little place in Niagara-On-The-Lake that I love. It is called Custom House Cigars.  That was our next stop.  One of many weaknesses.  He had a couple of Rocky Patels that I wanted to try.  His prices are pretty reasonable.  I get to shop at the cigar store at Rama: Cada del Humidor.  They don’t have a website but if you get up that way and you like cigars, it is worth the detour.  Yvonne and I took some more photos then went to the park and grabbed a bench and I got to smoke.  I chose a smaller cigar to smoke as we did have to bike back to the car and I couldn’t be forever.   I saved the Rocky Patels for later. 

Next stop with the Irish Design store.  About 9 years ago I purchased by far my favourite sweater, a Donegal Roll Neck.  I got it at the Irish Design Store in Niagara On the Lake. 

When we were in Niagara about 9 years ago, I saw the sweater in the store and fell in love with it but failed to purchase.  My thoughts were along the line of, “I’ll easily get it online.  Not so much.  I checked online, trade shows and could not find it in any stores in Canada. 

We lived in Calgary for years and I honestly could wear this sweater with a windbreaker at minus 20C.  BUT, as I wore it pretty much ALL the time, Calgary does get kinda chilly, I was due for another.  Yvonne had patched the elbows on my original one and repaired a few loose threads over time.  I was excited moving here because I knew I could some cool colours in this particular line. 

Alas, they were sold out and awaiting a shipment.  Being a few weeks before the main tourist season, this was not unexpected.  Staff are great there though and I left my email.  (Addendum: some weeks later - late June, I receive an email but again alas, I’m working in Calgary at the Stampede.  So, when I get home(after sleeping for three days), Yvonne and take a drive(her bike is in the shop getting the brakes fixed) down to have a look see. I have a couple of colours in mind and after digging through a couple of piles of Donegal Rollnecks and asking the clerks to check the basement for my size, I walked out of the store with exactly what I wanted.  So happy.  I like quality and I do like what I like.  This is one absolutely wonderful sweater.  It is pure wool and apparently will keep you warm even when wet.  No, it is not itchy at all.

If you come for the tulips, come early.  The season is short and it is early.  There are lots of them and they are out of this world wonderful.  And bring a proper camera.  Smart phones are OK but really won't do the flowers here justice. I don't know who takes care of the gardens here but they really do a fantastic job!

All roads lead to Niagara Falls. Everyone comes here eventually.  If you come to see the Falls, make sure that you take the time to see Niagara-On-The-Lake. 

If you check here periodically, we will have more photos and stories of our adventures in the area.


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