Mountain Horses Near Cochrane, Alberta

Marty and Horses

Lots of driving the first few days of June to get home.  I thought I might have a bit of time to continue to do some blog posts but lo and behold almost two weeks have passed!  Life catches up to one sometimes.

The photos of horses near the mountains in these are taken around one of my favourite spots near Cochrane, Alberta.  There are a number of ranches where, over the years, I would often approach groups of horses.  I’m usually on the roadside of the fence and a small group might come from some few hundred metres away.  Curious beasts.  And then I’d have two or three fighting to get selfies with me.  This trip, most of the groups that I passed were some distance away except for the two that you see. 

The one with the mountains in the distance walked to a point where he seemed to be posing specifically for the shot. 

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