More Good Days at Enoteca Wine Store, Calgary

Well, there are good days and their are better days.  Today was a bit of both.  I was running errands and happened to be near the Enoteca Wine store.  Gary is always a treat to visit and always recommends excellent wines.  And, as happens from time to time, there was a wine representative with Gary and I was able to taste some of their wine.  Meeting the lovely Chareen, the  rep, took the day from good a good one to ‘better’. 

Today Chereen was showing a couple of wines from Cathedral Cellar in South Africa.  A Pinotage and a Chardonnay.  The Pinotage had a nice smokey start and was well integrated.  I generally prefer my whites light and don’t like oaky Chardonnays. This wine however was not and was quite drinkable.  The warmer climate in South Africa brings out more fruitiness but it is not overwhelming.  If you have not tried a Pinotage, they are generally very reasonably priced for the value.

Gary and Chareen also gave me some great tips on how to properly characterize wine.  I enjoy wine in all of its variations but didn’t know always how to describe various aromas and tastes.  More on that when I’ve explored. 

Make your way over to McLeod Trail just south of Glenmore Trail and drop in to Enoteca and see Gary, he has never steered me wrong with any of his recommendations.

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