Manitoba to Alberta

This is a big country!

We left Brandon a few days ago after a wonderful visit with our friends Tom and Aya. 

Driving through Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta one really sees the expanse of this country.  The narrow strip we travelled looked like there was enough land to feed the world. You can see so far.  You really get the joke about your dog running away and being able to watch it for three days.

We stopped in to visit with our good friends Shelly, Dave and Linzee in Medicine Hat.  Boy did they treat us well.  Shelly’s sister and husband showed up and stayed the evening.  Some gigantic steaks and we all ate for two.

Again the weather was great, Shelly, Yvonne and I had a great visit and I got to smoke a cigar.  Took some selfies to prove we were all there together. 🙂

The photo of Yvonne with another man and woman is from before we arrived in Brandon. On the border of Ontario and Manitoba.  We wanted to stop to get a photo and there was this vehicle stopped on the other side going east.  We recognized them from some events we’d been to.  Chatted for a bit and found out they lived in the same town where Yvonne and I grew up.  The world is so full of crazy coincidences. 

Check out Glenmore Reservoir in Calgary

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