Rhythm Section Movie Review

I've generally like reading a book that a movie is based on before watching the movie.  Rarely does a movie live up to a book and, I know that sometimes a movie could stand very well on its own without having read the book.  Sometimes the enjoyment could be even more.  That said, I read the book Rhythm Section by Mark Burnell first.  I saw that movie was streaming and thought I might enjoy it more having read the book.  

The book was OK.  I won't say it is great but an alright read.  The author goes on a bit in parts, he could, in my opinion move things on with a little more tension. Rambles a bit.  Some won't mind this style of writing or even prefer it, so I know that this a personal thing.  

Anyway, moving on to the movie.  I watched it.  Wasn't terribly impressed but I'm like, "I liked it.", "I didn't like it."  sort of movie critic.  And honestly, I'm pretty easy to entertain.  But there was something seriously wrong here. So I asked my son, who edits movies for a living to watch and tell me what threw me for a loop in this one.  I was kind of thrown out of the movie at one point. Meaning I didn't really know what happened.  I felt that I'd completely missed something.  

Here are his thoughts on the film:

"Ok, I watched it. Here are my thoughts:

First off, we don't really get to see what causes her pain. We hear about it. First mistake. We never see the crash. Or get them boarding the plane or anything. Therefore, hard to connect emotionally. And the whole movie hinges around this point. So I think it needs to be shown. We also don't see her fall from grace. Her family dies and she goes from middle class to a drugged up hooker? how'd we get from a to b?

The first 20 min with the guy before she goes to shoot Raza is so long and slow. I honestly pretty much forgot this happened by the end of the movie. They could have used this to set up so much more, I feel like it was wasted.

The training sequence lasts 20 minutes. This could all basically be accomplished with a 2 minute montage cut in with emotional beats and plot points.

She is the worlds worst assassin. First guy, she accidentally kills, second guy, she doesn't do it. I get that this is supposed to be emotional and she's "not really an assassin", but they play it off as if she's all badass at the same time. It's like they shot it as a an emotional character study then some producer was like, "make it more like john wick". 

Ok the last section of the movie is very poorly executed. So Sterling K. Brown's character ends up being the big baddy, and that's supposed to be the big twist. I feel like there was a few scenes cut out or something. Anyway.. quick breakdown.

They have a quick romantic relationship badly established, like hardly an emotional connection. He says Raza is the big bad guy. And she goes and kills him (finally killing someone properly).

Then she goes back and kills sterling and is like "I knew it was you as soon as you said it was Raza." Why the fuck go kill raza then?! Again we're only hearing about stuff she just explains the whole "i figured it all out and played you" rather than showing literally any of that. if you watched this movie with the sound off, it would make zero sense. 

Then the last scene was solely trying to set up a sequel Jude Law is back at MI6 and now she's a vigilante blah blah blah she walks off all badass. 

They "set up" the "twist" two scenes before it happens. But his character is so unfleshed out that we hardly care. 

Anyway, it had some good moments and good acting but the sections of the film felt disjointed like they were all from different movies almost.

Hope that helps wrap your head around it!"
K. Spencer Jones

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