Lemming Suicide

Do lemmings commit suicide?

I’ve known that this was not true for decades and still hear references to the fact, in texts, tv, wherever that lemmings commit mass suicide.  It is not true. It is easier to find the truth about stuff with the availability of the internet but there is also a lot of false information out there.  

Anyway, the source of this totally false information about how lemmings commit mass suicide by plunging into the sea was perpetrated by none other than Disney – well, a filmmaker for a Disney piece called White Wilderness, filmed in 1958.  It was entirely faked.  So, this has become part of our cultural reference.  Even psychiatrists use this datum in evaluating their clients/patients – OK – you are right – psychiatrists will believe pretty much anything you tell them – not the brightest bunch. 

Actually there are a lot of websites now that dispel this myth but the reason that I’m adding my few cents worth is that I’ve still heard the reference on the media – even recently – so, thought I’d add my bit. 

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