King Creek Hike in Kananaskis near Upper and Lower Kananaskis Lakes

We had planned on hiking up to Rawson Lake today.  We were about to turn right from Highway 40 onto the road to Upper and Lower Kananaskis Lakes when I saw a left turn 50 – 100 feet before the Lakes turn.  We said let’s go take a peak.  There were a few cars in the parking lot.  We asked a lady from Montana about the hike – she said the trail was kinda wiped out because of the flooding but you could still walk up a ways.  As we are always game for something new… we loaded up our gear and went for it. 

It was not a real hard hike by any means.  Because the trail was gone we had to cross the creek – a fairly decently large one – about 20-30 times there and the same back again back.  The rocks were VERY slippery.  I have cuts on my hand to prove it. 

Lots of gravel from the flooding.  We loved the hike though.  It probably went no more than a mile and a half to two but was gorgeous.  Walls of the mountains went up in some parts I’m sure a thousand feet or more straight up.  And parts narrowed so edge walking was necessary.  Our staffs came in very handy.  A fair bit of climbing over rocks and trees.

The view:  Lots of moss edged by the sun.  Chimney’s and caves all the way along.  Cliffs going straight up all the way.

We got to a point where is opened up toward the end and decided it was time to eat something. This is where the picture was taken.  The walls on the the side we were sitting were extremely high and when they started shedding rocks we made a hasty retreat. One rock landed where I had been a few minutes before. 

We got out of there without getting conked on the head by a rock falling a thousand feet or so – good thing in my estimation.

Took about 3 hours in and out with our picnic.  We were not hurrying. Enjoying the sights.

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