Kids and Grandkids – Saturday in Armstrong, BC

Saturday Family Night - Armstrong BC

Yvonne’s son, Paul, his wife Kelsey and their children drove down for the afternoon evening.  With their cousins here, it made for a great evening.  Wonderful children - lots of hugs. Pia got her hair cut by Yvonne.  I don’t know who enjoyed the process more.  Great chats I had with Kelsey.  I’d forgotten how my I liked these folks.  Was a real treat seeing them. 

What sweet kids. 

Most of these particular photos are with my iPhone.  Amazing camera in this beast.  I bought it largely for the camera and I’m not disappointed.  The photo of Paul intently listening to someone was not a close up.  It was part of another photo but the detail and balanced light is wonderful.  I haven’t even really explored what this thing can do. 

Yvonne was so happy hanging with her grandkids.

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Cheryl Babott

Yvonne – that could be Maria getting her hair done !!!

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