Hiking Lower Kananaskis Lake, Alberta

This is an easy hike with nice views. We wanted to hike somewhere in Kananaskis yesterday, didn’t want to go too far and didn’t want to get snowed on.  We weren’t looking for something challenging.  From Calgary we drove out to Highway 40 then south to Kananaskis Trail Road. (Took somewhere between an hour and an hour and a half.)  Take that to William Watson Lodge.  There is some public parking there.  Find your way to the path that runs north along the east side of the lake.  We walked along the gravelly beach on the way out and the path most of the way back.  The wind was behind us going north so the rain didn’t bother us too much.  When we got to the top end the lake bends to the right and we were out of the wind and could sit, take some pictures and have a very nice view of the mountains to the north.  The yellows of the larches made for a beautiful accent.  We took the path going back south to be out of the wind and rain.  It was a very pleasant walk.  To altitude gain. The path is very easy walking. The walk along the beach is, well, gravelly/rocky.  It was a little slower walking along the beach but it is roughly an hour either way. 

I’m including some pictures of the drive back along Route 40 – The drive alone was worth the trip.  It was stunning!  I know that the colours don’t last that long but if you get a chance to take a drive through when they are out, it is worth it.

Near Entrance to Kananaskis Village


Looking South Along Lower Kananaskis Lake


Along Highway 40 Alberta


Fall in Kananaskis


Fall at Kananaskis Village


Kananaskis Village view


Barrier Lake – Kananaskis


Lower Kananaskis Lake


View north Lower Kananaskis Lake


Lower lake trail


The woods off the trail


Route 40 Kananaskis Highway

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