Hiking Grassi Lakes near Canmore and Calgary, Alberta

Did this hike early November.  It is not a long hike or terribly difficult but the views are great.  Once you have parked at the bottom you will move up the trail – there is a fork with a sign: Easy/More Difficult  Take the more difficult – that is where you get some great views. We came back down the ‘Easy’ trail (which I advise).  If it is icy there could be some tricky patches – just be careful.  There are some streams that run across the path, so wear waterproof footwear.  You will miss some very nice scenery if you take the right hand trail. 

There is good rock climbing up at the lakes if you are into that. 

Lots of pictographs.  Don’t touch please – oils from fingers/skin will eat away at the paints. They have been there for centuries – let’s leave them a little longer.

Beginning of Grassi Lakes Trail(More Difficult)
View of the Falls from the Path
Looking back down at Canmore
Top of Falls
Water is very clear
Caves in the rock wall

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