Heart Mountain Trail Hike – Flooding

Went hiking(really it is just a walk) on Heart Mountain Trail near Exshaw yesterday.  It is a short hike, a kilometer or two in at best.  It is nice at the end – a bench you can sit and listen to the waterfall.  You can’t really see it – hidden by rocks unless you climb a bit.  There is a steep path on the left across the stream that you can climb to the top if you like.  It is steep and parts are a bit of a scramble but nice views at the top if you don’t mind a little exercise.  We were a bit shocked though.  Last time we had done this trail it was mostly through the woods.  A lot of the ‘woods’ are now gone!  The flooding last spring affected more than Calgary and High River.  As you can see below the water and likely the rocks took out huge swathes of trees.  Some open spaces where there once was not.  Some of the pictures below show you how high the water must have been going through there – quite amazing.

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