Ha Ling Mountain – Canmore Alberta

This climb was rated at a couple of sites as ‘moderate’.  NOT.  It is 850 meters up – well, not quite but a few meters here or there??.  All up and fairly steep and about 6 km each way.  Not a long way but a good climb.  It is really, really is worth the trip, the views are incredible!  but I would rate it at least “Hard”.  I’m in decent shape aerobically but my legs were pretty rubbery by the time I got to the top.  I was pretty warm going up and was cursing the extra clothing that I was carrying in my backpack.  We I got to the top, I was happy that I had it as sweated a fair bit and was able to change into a dry shirt.  It was pretty chilly up top and I would have been uncomfortable otherwise.  Wear decent footwear.  We met some who had trouble with that.  It is fairly steep in parts and at the top is gravelly and is worse coming down than going up in that part.  I was happy to have my hiking stick.  Below is a video Spencer and I took to give you an idea of the views and then some pictures of the hike.  It was quite beautiful all the way up.  The first section is green and mossy under the trees and some nice views from the switch-backs on the way up.  Spencer went to the top when I caught up to him. I stayed at the ‘saddle’ – there was a nice piece of flat rock that I could lie down on and rest my back.  That is where we took this video.  I would do this hike again but start earlier and take more breaks:)

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