Grace served us Guiness

Yesterday – Sunday – was another day in paradise. We went out to visit a friend of Yvonne’s in Millarsville for lunch. Grace served us Pumpkin soup, her home made bread and Guinness. It was about a 45 minute drive southwest through the foothills with the ever present Rockies in view. Before lunch we went for a walk through the pasture, picking through the dung and met her horse of about 18 years and got stared down by her assorted cows. (The neighbours bull sometimes jumps the fence and has his way with the cows – or so Grace tells me.)

Triy as we might we were unable to get lost – lunch drew us back as if a magnet.

The simple fare was fantastic. Grace bakes bread for Community Natural Foods in Calgary. She served us a hard rye and a wheat along with Gouda and some smoked cheese.

You can see her here preparing to serve the soup.

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