Famous Cake Donuts at Tyrone Mills

Cake Donuts

Anytime we are anywhere east of Toronto we head out to Tyrone Mills for cake donuts. Tyrone Mills is an old Mill in the town of Tyrone, Ontario.  A little less than an hour east of Toronto on Highway 401 and about 10 minutes north.  We spent a lot of time in those rolling hills when we were much younger.

They have a variety of treats, tarts, jams, jellies and syrups.  And a great variety of flour. Wheat, spelt, whole, white, etc. 

Byam's General Store

In the 1960s, if we could tear ourselves away from the creek and woods and barns of the farm, we'd make the kilometre trek to Byam's general store in Tyrone.  We'd get ourselves a soda and candy and sit on the porch sipping and eating and resting for the trek back.  Usually, safer and quicker to hoof it back through the woods. 

Now we drive.  Best cake donuts anywhere.  Variety of tarts, mince, butter, lemon...  Here are a few photos of the interior of the Mill and one of the front of Byam's General Store.  The store has now been converted to an apartment.  The new owner has kept the original face and tries to update seasonally.



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