Kayaking, trailers and care of my back

We had racks on the on the SUV for the kayaks but it was killing my back.  And you can’t drive around with them on the car all the time.  So, we bought a small trailer. 

Some two by fours and some wood screws, I rigged a couple of cross bars.  Placed our kayak racks there and loaded the kayaks. Now they can stay on the trailer. 

Takes me a couple of minutes to get ready hooking the trailer to my vehicle.  My wife laughs at how easy it is now for us to load and unload. 

We’ve been out a couple of times this way and it makes the whole event so much more  pleasurable.

There are lots of lazy rivers around the Niagara Region for us.  Lots within 20-45 minutes drive.

This day we put in at George Bukator Park. It’s never terribly busy there and pretty easy to get in and out with a trailer.  And in and out of the water with the kayaks. 

We headed west on the Welland River.  There are a couple of Egrets along that way.  We’ve seen them before.  There is a short video below I took with my phone.  One of these days, I’ll take my Nikon and get some close up shots.  The Egrets are not nearly as people shy as the Herons we see from time to time.

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Beautifully peaceful clip. Great job Martin. It was a real joy having you and Yvonne stop in on your journey. We wish you continued success in all your ventures going forward. Have a great Christmas!!

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