Coffee and coffee shops in Calgary

railway cafe coffee shop calgary

I’m not much for Tim Horton’s coffee though I will have one from Starbucks in a pinch.  I prefer stronger coffees generally – I’ll drink an espresso or a cappuccino normally.  If we have a day off and we are out and about, we like to visit one of the many good coffee houses in the Calgary area.  On our bike ride the other day we decided to stop at Heritage Village on the east end of the Glenmore Reservoir.  They didn’t have any espresso so I opted for the regular coffee.  I was amazed how good it was.  It was strong enough but so that the strength of the coffee wasn’t everything – with great flavor.  We asked what kind of coffee it was but weren’t told… hrmpf!  It really was one of the best coffees that I’ve had in a coffee shop – would love to have it at home.  You can see more about the Railroad Cafe at

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