Chris Smith and Turner King at Killarney’s Pub in Airdrie, Alberta

Went to a great Pub in Airdrie on Saturday evening. Killarney’s Pub We are in the southwest and it only took us about 35 minutes to get there. I lived in Toronto a large part of my life so 35 minutes to get somewhere is nothing. Free parking – nice. A very comfortable atmosphere. Decent pub food. The desserts were especially good.

But we went for the music. Some friends of the musicians invited us and I’m so glad. I’m a big fan of Blues and Jazz. They are a jazz duet out of the Toronto area and from what I gather, play at Killarney’s Pub when they are in the area.

Chris Smith and Turner King. Chris on the guitar and Turner playing Sax. They played a lot of jazz favourites and some nice adaptations. I loved their version of Sea of Love. Both very accomplished musicians. A very easy style that is pleasant to listen to. I’d see them again and will keep an eye on Chris’s website: Chris Smith Live

Turner and I chatted for about 30 minutes about music, movies and education – I love his way with kids.

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