Truckers for Freedom - Our 2nd Day

Yesterday was our second full day here in Ottawa at the Freedom Rally

One of the most telling things about the day was how truly calm everything was.  How anyone could conceive this event to be anywhere near violent is beyond me. 

We spent several hours walking about.  More people from all over the country, and all walks of life, all colours, shapes and sizes.  They just walk up to us and start chatting.

Toward the end of our walk a young man (well, he was 60 - young to me) was coming along the in the same direction.  He overheard me telling Yvonne about another conversation I had with a Hungarian man.  This new fellow, Chris, lives in Ottawa.  He was thrilled that we were here supporting the truckers.  Chris, amongst other things would bring his Ottawa friends down to see the Convoy.  He told us that he tries to come there most days.  He tells friends that have listened to the media and are afraid that “I will protect you.” One for one, they thank him afterwards for showing them what is really going on.  They see that there is no violence and nothing to be afraid of.

Our friends from home have been living in a truck for most of the last, almost three weeks.  We went for dinner (very late lunch?) and then brought them to our hotel to get some time away and relax a bit.  Someone else offered them a room for the night and I got an message later that they were doing much better - not so stressed.

It really is hard to find words that express the caring, love and kindness that pervades the area.  Truckers and supporters all.

One comment from a police officer in the area, “I have never been to such a peaceful demonstration.”

If you are hearing from anyone in the media that is different from what I’m trying to relay here, I encourage you to either come to see for yourself, or at least speak to someone (other than media) that has been on the ground and walked among these good people.

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