Marty’s Road Trip Prairies and British Columbia

It has been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted anything here of our cross country road trip.  We have traversed the Canadian Prairies, spent a little time in Calgary and have been sitting in the Okanagan for almost a week. 

I’ve tried to post a few things on Instagram. 

You can see some here: @martysroadtrip1 

I’ve also posted a couple of photos here: @misterglue1

A couple of videos of the Canadian Prairies here.  We had a stop in Medicine Hat.  From there to Calgary we took a small detour and spent a couple of hours visiting Dinosaur Provincial Park.  We have been to Drumheller but Dinosaur Park beats in hands down.  We were walking the park near the end of April and it was plenty warm enough.  Apparently, in the summer months it can be over 140°C!!  So, If you can, visit in other than summer months. 

The first video here is some prairie footage.  The crops that one can see from the highway, you would think that Canada could feed the whole world

The second video is our walk through Dinosaur Provincial Park.

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