Freedom Convoy - Ottawa - 2022 

Riding up the elevator this evening I met a man that was originally from Romania.  He had been arrested earlier in the evening.  He spent two hours at the cop shop and then was released without charges

Many that have been released the same way are told that they have to sign a document saying they won’t go back down to the demonstration if released.  Not so for him.  He was pretty upset.  He has lived through this oppression before and really doesn’t want to do so again.

We are leaving tomorrow.  The biggest take away is the wonderful people that we have met.  Never have I met such a cross section of loving, kind folks. 

Hundreds of hugs, many just short of desperate.  Hugs that don’t end.  Conversations that are meaningful.  No social bullshit.  People are raw and open and in love with their country, passionate about keeping it whole. 

Yesterday we spoke with Danny Bulford, an ex-RCMP Officer.  Danny used to work in Justin Trudeau’s protection detail.  What a nice man. He could not do the corruption anymore. Landed on the side of good. He has been helping steer the Convoy and demonstrators on a good path.  He was arrested today.  Below is a photo of Yvonne and Danny some hours before his arrest.

If you come across this post and want some first hand knowledge of what has been going on at the street level, what the main news agencies won’t tell you, then please contact me. 

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