Birds, Birds, Birds – Dufferin Islands, Niagara Falls, Canada

Dufferin Island Niagara Falls

(***Note about our Road trip at the end of this post…***)

Some photos of our walk-a-bout at Dufferin Islands today.  Tons of birds about.  So nice to hear them after a quiet winter.  Yvonne and I also drove down the way near Queenston overlooking the Gorge.  There is a spot where eagles roost.  We met a fellow named Skip.  There is a post fence along the edge to keep the race from culling out certain carrels folks. 

Skip showed us an X on a post.  Just to the left of that is a line sawed a half inch into the cross beam.  If you look along that line, you can apparently see the tree where a couple of eagles oft sit waiting for prey.   Skip was pretty informative, telling us a number of other great spots to photograph eagles. 

But the coolest thing he told us was how to watch concerts for free.  There is an art park across the Gorge - Niagara Falls, New York side.  They have concerts in the summer.  If you sit at the Locust Picnic park on the Canadian side, because of the way the sound travels there, you can enjoy an almost ring side experience. 

I hope you like the photos. 

***Yvonne and I are heading out on a road trip on Sunday.  To Calgary and British Columbia.  Driving.  I will obviously be taking lots of photos.  I will try and post here on the blog each day.  That may be tricky on the longer driving days. I’ll send an email out from time to time but please check every couple of days to see what’s new… 🙂


Looking forward to seeing the photos of your trip.

Loved the birds and lots of other of your pictures. Thank you for false data stripping the Trucker demonstration. The pictures were really great.

Karen Maisonneuve

Safe travels Mart & Yvonne – sure hope to spend some time with you both when you’re in our hood!

Mary Ann Bourdeau

These are incredible shots, Martin! Have a wonderful trip Martin & Yvonne!

Claudia Maria Tomczyk

Love the beautiful bird photos!

Beautiful photos!! It sounds like a wonderful trip you have planned. Enjoy! I do miss the beauty of that country.

Nice photo’s Martin. Have a nice trip and enjoy the (eventual) spring trip. Daniel (db)

Cathy Caccavella

What fun! If you manage to get to Vancouver Island, give me a holler. I would love to see you both! Drive like a demon, Martin, but not too fast, there’s too much to see along the way. When you get to Saskatchewan I can direct you to one of the finest organic farms in the country. It’s a detour worth taking. Envy you both your adventure.

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