Armstrong BC – Thomas Hayes Trail & BX Falls Vernon

Thomas Hayes Trail - Armstrong

Having an amazing time in Armstrong.  Always amazing when we get to go hiking/walking in the woods. Yesterday and today.  Spent the weekend with Marianne (Yvonne’s sister), Marianne’s son Shayne, and his wife Shannon, Shayne’s daughter Cassidy, and Marianne’s other son Evan.   And the puppy Maya.  You can see the bunch of us hiking about in Armstrong on Saturday.  Started of kinda cool but by the time we were half way through the hike pretty much all coats were wrapped around hips.  I was very happy I’d worn shorts

You can see the bunch of us over my bald head on one of the photos.   And a couple through the trees of Yvonne.  I caught a few of her with my long lens coming through the trees.  I could look at her all day.

BX Falls Vernon

Today Marianne took us a little way into the hills east of Vernon.  Was a rainy today so felt like we were in the rainforest in the Vancouver area.  Lots of steps to get to the bottom of the waterfall.  Rainy day. 

Marianne drove us up to Silver Star (mountain Ski place above Vernon) to see the view but the fog had set in by the time we got there so couldn’t see a thing. Next time. 

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Cheryl Babott

I am loving your journey Martin. Hi Yvonne. Thanks for the pictures xo

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